Got Questions?

SOUND AFFAIRS believes you should be well informed before making your decision on who should be your Disc Jockey. If you have questions regarding any aspect about your event, Jeff is there to help. Below are a sample of some of his clients most frequently asked questions.

Q: Who will be my Disc Jockey?

A: SOUND AFFAIRS has only 3 Disc Jockeys. As the owner and operator of the company, Jeff  works nearly all the events.  Occasionally during the busy 'Wedding Season' we assign one of the other Disc Jockeys who are seasoned professionals with over 20 years of Wedding DJ experience.  

Q: Will I be able to meet the Disc Jockey who will be entertaining at my wedding?

A: Yes, convenient evening and weekend appointments are available for your meeting.  Just call Jeff, he will be happy to meet with you.

Q: Do you charge for travel or set-up?

A: There are no 'travel or set-up charges' except when a venue presents us with very difficult access to the facility.  (for example, a flight of stairs up or down into the room)

Q: If my event to runs longer than originally scheduled, will you stay?

A: As long as we don't have another event scheduled, we would be happy to stay and play longer.  Overtime rates will be stated in your contract. 

Q: What time do you arrive the day of our event?

A: SOUND AFFAIRS will arrive approximately one hour prior to the scheduled starting time and we will be set up and ready to play 15 minutes prior to the agreed start time.  Early set-up is available for a slight additional fee.

Q: Do you take breaks?

A: No! You will have continuous music from the scheduled start time, until it's time to end. We only stop the music when requested to do so, or during the Toasts, Speeches, and Blessing of the meal.

Q: What if I need music and a sound system for the Wedding Ceremony?

A: SOUND AFFAIRS has smaller sound systems available that are just perfect for the Wedding ceremony. We can even provide wireless  microphones if needed.  In the event that electrical power is not available, we can also provide our own power source.

Q: We don't know how to plan our Reception.  Can you help us set the itinerary for the day?

A: About one month prior to your wedding, you will get together with Jeff for a consultation and work out all the details regarding the order of events and music program.

Q: Do you require us to provide a meal for the DJ at the event?

A: Our contracts do not required a meal for the DJ, however if you wish to include us in your meal count, that would be greatly appreciated.

Q: Do you have lighting available?

A: Yes, but it is not recommend for wedding receptions. Lighting can take attention away from where it should be; on the Bride and Groom. As well as taking away from the elegance of the venue.

Q: What type of back-up equipment do you have?

A: Our main DJ console has a back up system available,  just in case something should go wrong.  You should know that we have never had a system fail during an event, as we continually update our equipment every  2-3 years.

Q: If something happened to my DJ, who would entertain at my party?

A: It would take something very serious to keep Jeff from entertaining your event.  If this should happen, he has 2 other DJ's who would fill in.  In over 20 years of Music Entertainment, Sound Affairs has  never missed an event.  Our DJ's will be there.

Q: If I want a song that you do not have, can I bring it to the event?

A: Yes, we can play your CD's on our system as well as any customized CD either in Mp3 or wave format.  IPod's can be also patched into our systems.

Q: What types of music can you play?

A: Whatever your taste in music calls for; you set the guidelines prior to the event. Music selection that is from ethnic backgrounds may be limited because of availability.  However, you are welcome to provide any music on compact disc.

Q: Can I make a list of songs I want played?

A: Yes! It is highly encouraged. In fact, we usually request during our initial interview that you provide a list of your favorite songs.

Q:  Are you insured?

A:  Yes, we have full liability insurance.  This is one of the most important questions to ask your Mobile DJ company.  If something should happen during an event that was the direct fault of Sound Affairs, you and your guests, as well as the venue and staff would be covered.  Don't take chances, be sure your Entertainment company has liability insurance.

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