Wedding Receptions

Sound Affairs realizes your wedding should be an exciting and memorable experience. We are committed to working closely with you to carry out every aspect of your very special day. Entertainment is a very important element to any wedding reception and should not be left to chance.

Sound Affairs will provide a level of energy and music consistent with your taste. We will work closely with you to help customize your wedding to your exact specifications.

Reception Itinerary

The following is a sample reception itinerary which you can use as a guideline when planning your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Gives the guests time to arrive and mingle at the reception location.  A great opportunity for Sound Affairs to play some light jazz or lounge music before actual seating for the dinner begins.

After all guests have been invited for dinner seating, Sound Affairs can introduce the Wedding Party before the grand entrance of the  Bride and Groom.

Best Man  or Maid of Honor , (or person of choice, ie. family member, close friends)

DINNER (or Buffet)
Since Bride & Groom are first to be served, after their meal is a good time to go visit tables to toast and mingle a bit among the guests.

After all that practice dancing, this is the moment you have been waiting for.  Sound Affairs will introduce the Bride and Groom for the very special First Dance.

Invite parents to join the couple on the dance floor. Other options include, a Father Daughter Dance, and a Groom and Mother Dance.

Invite Bridal Party to join the dance floor with the Bride and Groom.

We will invite all the guests to join in as the celebration continues on the dance floor.

After 20 to 30 minutes of dancing, invite all guests to view cake cutting.

While cake is being served, invite all single ladies to participate in the bouquet toss.

Invite all single men to participate in the garter toss.

The last dance of the evening, starts off with the Bride and Groom, with friends and family joining in to wish them the very best. 

From the moment your guests arrive until the last dance, we will set that perfect tone for your event.  We will help coordinate the sequences of your event, make the necessary announcements, and play the best variety of music to create a fun and festive atmosphere.








Wedding Ceremony Sound System

If you are having an outdoor or indoor ceremony that requires a sound system or wireless microphones, we can provide a system designed just for a Wedding Ceremony. Our small and compact powerful systems can provide you with pre ceremony, wedding music and recessional music. We will provide a hidden clip on wireless microphone for the person conducting the ceremony as well as hand held wireless mics for singers, or musicians.

Our smaller sound systems are also just right for a smaller reception or cocktail hour that might be taking place away from the main site location where the dinner and dance is being held.

We can design the perfect system for your wedding requirements. If by chance you are having a ceremony or reception where electrical power is not available, we can supply our own electrical power with a portable power generator. For totally quiet electrical power requirements, our latest addition is a portable power system capable of up to 2 hours of use.

Be sure to call us regarding any of your Wedding Ceremony requirements. We here at Sound Affairs are committed to give you exactly what you need for your special event.

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