Computerized DJ System

Our sound systems feature a computerized DJ entertainment system capable of storing our music library. Our virtual 'CD' players can load any song within seconds. With full mixing capabilities and auto pilot features, we are always ready with the next appropriate song for your event. We can even customize the cocktail / dinner hour music for your event, giving you and your guests a great variety of music during the dinner hour.

The Sound System

Each of our sound systems feature JBL Eon G2 professional speakers. These speakers feature a 15" low frequency driver along with a smooth sounding tweeter. If your event requires additional speakers, or a sound system in another location, we can arrange that for you. For larger venues or that 'club like' sound, we can provide JBL 18" subwoofers too. What ever your sound requirements are, we can design the proper sized system for your event.

Sound Systems for Weddings

If your event requires a smaller sound system for the Wedding Ceremony, we can provide the perfect balance between size and sound quality. Our powered mixers can provide music and well as wireless microphone support for your sound requirements. Indoors or out, we can design a system for your event.

In the event electricity is not available, we can provide power for our sound systems. Giving you total flexibility in venue locations for your sound system needs. Our 1000 watt power generators can provide up to 6 hours of electrical energy to power our sound systems. Newer technology has allowed us to incorporate even greater flexibility with our new 'quiet' power source. Perfect for a wedding ceremony, where a generator can be distracting.

Compact, powerful and efficient sound systems are what we can provide for all events, large or small. Call us to discuss your sound system requirements.

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